book_cover_big.gifThis is one of the most personal science based books I’ve ever read, explaining not just the history of the topic, but the author’s own personal journey into discovering it’s wonders and implications for us all. For fellow fans of Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ TV series on Astrophysics, this book has the same style. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.”
– Matt Grimshaw, Future Fab International

Imminently readable, it gives the layman reader an understanding of the fundamental principles of energy as well the urgent issues facing our lives and our planet. It should be read by every intelligent person.
– Robert H. Lieberman, Physics Department, Cornell University

The book gives an excellent overview of thermodynamics and entropy…Certainly, the relationship with environmental issues is clear and will hopefully give some people insight into the ideas of recycling.
– Martin Heerschop, GE Commercial Finance

As a lay reader, I found John Schmitz’s book on thermodynamics to be fascinating and easy to follow. Schmitz gives the reader a solid understanding of basic thermodynamics theory and the concept of entropy, along with a systematic description of how these ideas were developed and how they relate to everyday life.
– Paul Newman, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

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It is thought that of all the animals on planet earth, there is only one that can build a fire and has developed a realization of itself so that it can ask and answer the questions: Who am I? What is this fire that burns within me and before me? Why does the flame rise, and why am I warmed before this fire of time? John Schmitz’s book on thermodynamics is designed for the mature general science reader who has developed a general knowledge of the physical science literature that does not require mathematics beyond the arithmetic of writing a bank check. The overall objective of this short book is to introduce the reader to the thermodynamic concept of entropy and its many ramifications ranging from the micro-quantum world to the gross dynamic relativity construction of the universe. To prepare the reader for this entropy concept he lays down a foundation which closely follows the early historic development of thermodynamics. In preparations for reading this book one should first carefully read through the two-page table of contents. Dr. Schmitz makes statements and/or asks questions which he then answers in the text of the book drawing the reader into his web of understanding which demonstrates the beauty and his love of thermodynamics. One very quickly realizes that in writing this book the author has given quality time in considering carefully the answers to his questions. There are footnotes that are well worth reading which amplify selected points including historic events with specific dates. You will find yourself going back to the table of contents and index pages to pick up action items in your reading. Indeed, before you start reading this book you should browse the table of contents to determine the extent and usages of entropy.

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