book_cover_big.gifIndeed, what is my objective? Let’s be clear. Of course I want you to read my book as simple as that. Why? Not to become a rich man, since the topic will only interest a select group of people. I hope you will belong to that group. The group of people who will be able to make a real difference.

I believe this book has something to tell, has a message (see for instance the Foreword by Dr. Kitzmann). No it is not a book that will lent itself to be read while lying on the couch. You will have to work, have a piece of paper next to it when you read to take notes, you will have to re-read certain passages because you do not understand the first time. But you will get there and then, after reading it, you will feel very satisfied because you learned something. That I can promise you. If you are a reader who is interested in how science has been developed, if want  to know what is heat and what is energy, if you want to know more back ground behind global warming, alternative energy scavenging, fundamental questions of biological life mechanism and communication theory, then I can recommend you to read my book. You will find it fascinating.

I do not claim to have written a scientific work, instead I have tried to cover topics from the science of heat and energy in such a way that they become understandable also to the not scientific trained reader. As such I made choices as what to include and what to omit. Thus, not everybody will agree with my choices, it be so.

3 Responses to “Objective”

  1. Christian King Says:

    I’m interested in reading your book, however I have not managed to track down a supplier in Australia. Would you be able to help me out?

  2. Marianne de Nazareth Says:

    Where could I get a copy of your book in India please? Is it possible for me to buy one here?



    1. John Says:

      Hi Marianne,

      If you go to the website of Elsevier you can select your region and find locations where you can obtain a copy.

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